Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Not Good News....

Do you remember when I told you about Oliver acting up at the SASHA horse show and really bucking hard during a warm up ride with Sandy, my trainer? The temperatures had dropped from 85 to 40 and he was more than fired up. When I got on him and rode in that class, the saddle had slipped so far over that when the judge had called for a direction change, I reached over, grabbed the rail to reposition the saddle! That had never happened before.

By the next day, I could tell that Oliver was 'off' and giving just so into his right shoulder. With another show just 3 weeks away, the decision was made to start working with another horse at the barn named Jose. Jose was easier to ride aside because his trots are longer strided and in almost every way he was more laid back....BUT - my sidesaddle never felt like it fit him as well as it had fit Oliver.

Every weeks lesson following the show, I seemed to have more and more difficulty with my sidesaddle. Well, I believe I now know what is going on. After my lesson last weekend, I picked up my sidesaddle to put it back into the truck and when I grabbed the cutback pommel, I felt movement in the saddle tree! I am 99% sure that Oliver's tantrum broke or at least cracked the tree.

Thankfully, Lillian has my Owen and is replacing the billets...so I will not be without a saddle for long! ..but until then.... I'll be sporting a big pouty face!


Nicole said...

Oh no. How awful. Hopefully it can be repaired.
I love your blog, and my niece (who will be six this month) says hi as well. You did a birthday post for her last year. Now every time we see my horse she asks when she can ride sideways like the nice lady online does. She always asks if you have new posts and can she see the pictures.
She broke her arm falling off my standing horse 3 months ago and now says she only wants to go fast and jump, because she only got hurt standing still. She's hilarious. Maybe someday I'll have to get her a sidesaddle.

Michelle said...

That's no good!!! Hope you get your other saddle soon and this one can be fixed.

Claire said...

That's really too bad. At least you have the other saddle coming soon.

sidesaddlegirl said...

Which one is it? The Knoud? :(