Thursday, March 1, 2012

Historic Ye Kendall Inn ~ Beorne, TX.

Our trainer Sandy, told us that when they come to the SASHA show, everyone from the barn stays at the Historic Ye Kendall Inn. I did not waste any time.

I got on line and made a reservation.

When I first saw the Inn,..

..I had the urge to put on my sidesaddle riding habit and just stroll back and forth on the long porch right outside our room.

This is our room..

..the Edna Davenport Room..

OH MY....

..I am in LOVE..

..this is my kind of place!

..made me happy that Don wanted to come to the show with me.

I can tell that this Inn will be new tradition for us every time we come back to this show.

When I first made our reservation, I requested this suite since Don was coming with me. used to be a church and from the pictures I saw on the internet is very roomy and comfortable. Sadly though there was a mistake and the St.John Suite was already spoken for..that was disappointing ....because it is rumored the Inn is haunted...


The Rule of Mr Kane said...

What a Beautifull Inn! its amazing! so classic and classy!!
thanks for sharing!

JK ||

Michelle said...

What a neat place to stay!! That would make your show so much more special. I think you should go for a stroll in your habit! hehe

Leslie Sealey said...

Did you eat at the restaurant there (Limestone Grill)? My husband and I have tried it a couple of times; very good food and nice atmosphere. You would be right at home in sidesaddle attire. : )