Thursday, February 23, 2012

The SASHA Show.. one of my favorites for so many reasons. First off, even though SASHA stands for San Antonio American Saddle Horse Association, the show is actually held closer to a town called Boerne, Texas.

Boerne is one of those cool historic towns with neat little boutiques and cafe's.

We are going to stay in a historic Inn called Ye Kendall Inn.

The horse show is held in a place called...

It is a nice facility that is VERY roomy. I will admit, it is not fancy.. but very comfortable and there is a great covered practice arena.

..and guess who owns the San Antonio Rose Palace?None other than the infamous George Strait!

I can't wait. I love this show. It is a dual breed show held with Arabians. This is the only Saddlebred show that has an all breed sidesaddle class. The after show dinners are amazing, but to make it even more special, my husband Don is coming to watch! We had to move mountains to make this happen. With all of our animals, it is best to just have someone come and live at our farm while we are away.

Here is just a bit of the history of the SASHA organization:
In 1973, the show organization changed to San Antonio Saddle Horse Association when TASHA moved to Houston. Incorporating in that year, our tradition of excellence continued on for 23 years.

In the Articles of Incorporation, the Purpose of the organization is fourfold:

•To promote the education of the people of the State of Texas in breeding, care, use, handling and development of horses and horsemanship..
•To encourage good sportsmanship and proper conduct among horsemen and horsewomen and to foster good fellowship among all persons interested in saddle horses.
•To encourage proper and humane handling and care of horses to prevent cruelty to animals.
•To assist and establish a horse show circuit in the State of Texas.
After a brief pause in horse show events, the return of Saddlebred shows was ignited by Terry Carter and Lisa Mountain, guided by Beulah Cates. A major reorganization of the San Antonio Saddle Horse Association rekindled the first show in half a decade in October 2001. Instrumental in this endeavor was Megan McAngus (Beasom), Lynnie Bunten, Judy Jordan, Michael Beasom, Marty Allen Wernle and Susan Wooten Wernle, Beth Jones, Nita Mountain, and Stace`Rust.

Today our goals are to support and fulfill the SASHA Purpose, and to attract the best in show horses from all over the country, to celebrate the Show Horse. Expanding our excellent horse shows, SASHA is again growing with the additional Arabian division.

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