Monday, January 16, 2012

Need More Information..

Remember when I used to post some things that I could not find information on? Well, I have yet another. I have searched for several weeks for information on this beautiful photograph. In fact, since finding this photo, I have looked for any information in regards to any African American women who rode aside. That would make such an interesting post.. but to no avail. So, if any of you have anything you could add and share with us about that, please post a reply!

The only information I have about this photo is "1887 Bella Epoque". I first thought that was her name, but my searches revealed that it is French and translated means Beautiful Period.


marie said...

Sorry for my english, but i think she's Selika Lazevski, a picture by Nadar.
More pictures here

Anonymous said...

Marie! Thank you!

Julie said...

Thank you indeed Marie!!

Michelle said...

She is gorgeous! And so is her habit!