Friday, December 2, 2011

TASHA is Tomorrow!

I made a beautiful new dark red silk skirt for this show. It is, like the other silk skirt I have, embroidered with dark gold scroll designs. Very elegant!!! After all the great reviews about the e-bay seller that makes these waistcoats, I dove right in, contacted the seller, sent in all of my measurements and purchased this one, it this exact color.
In no time, my package was delivered and I was thrilled to see that the color of the waistcoat was an exact match with the gold in my new skirt!! We had family in town the whole week of Thanksgiving and I was not able to try on the waistcoat for a few days. My heart sunk when I did. It was an inch to small over my bust and that was with me trying it on only over my sports bra. I contacted Trish and she was so apologetic about it and offered to quickly make up a new one, to which she did, but sadly it will not arrive until the middle of next week.. sigh.

In light of that situation and wanting to wear my new skirt, I just have decided to wear it with this blouse and top.

I also contacted Cindy from Wild Horse Fashion and she is going to make me 2 of these (I think).. I want one in black and one in cream for the spring saddlebred shows.

You might want to shoot up a prayer for Cindy though, apparently she is having to weather some horrible storms and has lost both her internet connections and electricity, so although she was able to retrieve my message to her via her phone, she has yet to see the above picture.


The enchanted home said...

SO beautful and elegant. I would love to see pictures of you all decked out. Stunning!

Tiffers said...

Just out of interest, did you try your new waistcoat on with your riding corset? I wonder if that might be the difference between not fitting and fitting?