Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Once You Arrive at Equus Villa.. will be escorted up to your own suite. This home was created for entertaining and is well suited for over night guests - lots of them. You may be staying in this suite:

..or maybe this one..

..or this one. As you can tell, I have an affection for antiques made from mohogany wood.

I expect everyone to be at the manor by noon unless there are any unforeseen delays. But wait a minute - this is my dream.. so no delays or problems will arise! Take time to get settled in your rooms. Unpack, wander about and make yourself at home. Sometime after one PM, lets all gather in the drawing room to meet and get to know one another. This is my favorite room in the house for informal gatherings!

I am sure some of you must be famished, while others only want a light snack. Not wanting to burden us with a heavy meal before our afternoon ride, a light fare will be offered. I hope you enjoy it.

As soon as we are done, we will retreat back to our rooms and change into our riding suits and go on the afternoon hack!


Anonymous said...

Oh what fun I am having ! Though I am not on this trip I am following it daily, it decorates my life and feeds my own imagination !
You have an imagination with wondrous experiences and glorious fashion in every little space of your dreams
Smart Alex's Mom

Julie said...

Like I said.. It is a lot like playing Barbie's .. only grown up style!

Kaede said...

I'm bringing "My Phantasy" pictured here and "T'gallant" pictured here

The Porter Side saddle is my side saddle. see it here .

I havent decided on my habit yet. I'm not into flashy.
Many of the western aside habits are VERY flashy.

I'm going to wear hanboks when not on a horse. I'll bring a variety of them in colors to suit the day.

Kaede said...

Shoot my horse didn't show up. Hump. one is piebald saddlebred and the other is a golden saddlebred.

Knubbsy_wubbsy said...

Now you make me want lox and bagels tomorrow morning!
(I was in Houston all week for the bowl so I'll try and get to the earlier post and play along)