Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Ladies In Red!

There is something truly fabulous about the color red. It speaks volumes in the way of confidence.. after all, you can not fade away like a wall flower if you are wearing it.. and it has such a festive tone to it. Red however is not just a 'Christmas Color'... as shown in this painting. It is truly rich.. elegant!

Obviously when the holidays do roll around.. it is the single most identifiable color as no caption would be needed with this stunning photo!

This piece of art actually leans towards Valentine's Day to me. I just love this deep shade of red and it is what I was going for when I made the skirt I wore in the last show.

The following pictures I saved because they are just so note worthy. Take a minute and enjoy the beauty of the horses, the riders and the stunning costuming in red!


Michelle said...

Gorgeous! One day I'm going to try and sew a costume like that!

Candy'sGirl said...

When I finally manage to buy a sidesaddle, I want a red habit/dress/something! I think it will look awesome on my dark bay Arab.

One of these days I will have enough money for a sidesaddle!

Robin said...

One of those pictures was taken in front of our old farm house, Cold Saturday. The event was the "Sidesaddle at Woodwind" clinic we hosted several years ago, and one of the activities was a photo session with my professional equine photographer, Bruce Scarborough. To tidy things up, the habit is one of Cindy's.