Friday, December 16, 2011

Don't You Hate It When...

You see something you are interested in on E-bay. You write the bid deadline date down on your calender so you don't forget...only to sign in WITHOUT enough time to get your bid in and it goes to the person who bid the minimum bid on it?

Huff! That is exactly what happened to me yesterday. This little item is called a Spill Vase and was offered up for bid.

The deadline was yesterday afternoon and I TOTALLY FORGOT. When I remembered and signed in to see if it was still available... are you ready for this?...there was less than 1 minute to place a bid. When I placed mine, the response was that it was already sold... BOO HOO.

It is not made by any big name porcelain or china company. It is not fantastically detailed. I just found it to be charming and because I love to grow antique roses, it would have made a nice and useful vase.Sigh... Oh Well. I hope whomever won it enjoys it.

What is a Spill Vase, you ask?
Spill vases were small, usually porcelain, receptacles, to hold splinters or paper
tapers that were lit from a hearth fire to transfer a flame to light a lantern or lamp.


SmartAlex said...

Which is why I always place the minimum bid and come back to rebid.

Sometimes I get win notices and I have forgotten about the item completely.

Anonymous said...

That's too bad, it's a cute piece.

I once had my browser quit unexpectedly just as I hit "Buy It Now" on a super cheap, rare porcelain piece. By the time I rebooted, someone else had nabbed it. Head, meet desk.