Thursday, November 3, 2011

Mouth Watering Beautiful...


Because of all the wonderful reviews about this designer, I ordered a waist coat just like the one below in dark gold raw silk!! I actually bought some new embroydered dark red silk fabric to make a new riding skirt for the Christmas show I am showing in ... that is just 4 weeks away!

* * * * * * *

Okay, if you have been reading this blog for ANY amount of time.. you know what a nut I am about fashion.. well historic sidesaddle riding fashion anyway. Depending on what class I show in can dictate what habit I wear and when I am showing in a class specifically for Saddlebreds, as I did at the last NTASHA show in the ASB Country Pleasure class, I chose to wear the saddleseat jacket, waistcoat type vest and a embroidered silk skirt. While I have several saddlesuit vests, they do not appeal to me the way the hunt seat waist coats do. The waist coats usually are longer, both buttoning up higher on the chest and extending further down with the detailed 'points' on the bottom. I especially love the points because they peek out beneath the saddlesuit coat! Right now, I only have 1 waist coat though.. so I have been keeping my eye open for another...and look what I found!

An e-bay seller named trishd15 makes these beautiful waistcoats to size for approximately $61.00 + shipping. This mouth watering one is made from raw silk.

..this is also made from 100% silk.

..and although I did not see the fabric of this one, I would venture to guess it is either 100% wool or a wool blend.Now, although I just love these creations, this is not a vendor that I have any experience with nor do I know anyone who has used her...errr... or him! So proceed with caution, but if you do order one, please chime in a let us know how it turns out!

To share a little trick that I do with you; since the saddleseat coats are longer than hunt coats, I pin them back, so that they lay open when I ride, but do not flap around in the case of a windy day. You can see what I am talking about in this photograph:


Ally said...

Bought a habit and a waistcoat from her and she is WONDERFUL!!!! Currently saving up to buy another hunting habit from her. She has a website as well and she's part of the side saddle facebook group we are both in.

Ally said...
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Michelle said...

I bought both my habits & a waistcoat from her and have nothing but good things to say! The workmanship is gorgeous, she communicated well and it didn't take long to have it done. Highly, highly recommend!!

Anonymous said...

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