Tuesday, November 15, 2011


..It's Cold Outside!
Well technically, it is not cold here.. it is raining! Yippie!! But, I could not find a picture of a lady riding aside in the rain!

For those of you further North... do you ride in the snow?


Michelle said...

Absolutely! It's a lot of fun after we've had a big storm, when the wind dies down and the sun comes out.
I'll post a pic just for you on my blog!
It's cold up here, it's currently -12 celcius at 12:30 pm! Expecting more snow later today and this week.

gemma said...

I only ride on fresh snow after a milder period - after that on our local moors you can't tell whether the overnight snow is sitting on top of ice or not.

And I never ride side saddle in snow as if he DOES slip I'd like to be perfectly balanced (I've spent a lot more hours astride than aside) and able to hop off quickly if necessary.

Candy'sGirl said...

I love riding in the snow!!

My favorite is riding bareback in my Carharts with friends.

This will be the first year I'll be able to ride my Arab in the snow. Its the first year he'll be trustworthy enough to ride out like that.

I used to ride my old polo pony in the snow all the time. In college we'd grab the whole string (15 ponies) and set out in the late morning and stay out until late afternoon. It was always a blast!

Kat said...

Sure do, although there's been more rain than snow in our neck of the woods so far. Can't wait for the snow to hit the ground though, would rather have a ton of snow that a ring full of ice!

jane augenstein said...

When I was a kid I rode in any weather, in winter rode bareback, warmer that way. Now I will ride in snow if it's now really cold out, the older I get the colder I am when it's cold out. I'm a sissy! LOL