Thursday, November 17, 2011

Another Fun Sidesaddle Collectible.

Advertisements using images of sidesaddles and aside riders!

This is what I totally expected to see.. an ad for sidesaddles!

..and this one is over on the left hand side. An ad for Champion and Wilton.

Here is another expected item for boots and shoes. That makes sense.. right?

..and one for hats..

This one is for embrocation...a liquid used as a liniment or lotion. Okay - I get it.. riding can make you sore..

This one says "pain extractor".. humm..

But ~ A little less is an ad for cocoa..umm - well, I guess riding can make you thirsty..

..and one for soap, although I guess you do get dirty when you ride!

but wait a dog gone minute..Never and I mean NEVER have I jumped off of my horse and thought to myself...I feel like lighting up a Cuban Stoggie!


sidesaddle rider said...

Don't know about the "lady" and cigar, but hot cocoa is served at meets along with glug and cider.

The Conservative Cook said...

love your blog! thanks for sharing.

riding saddle said...

A seat for a rider, -- usually made of leather, padded to span comfortably a horse's back, furnished with stirrups for the rider's feet to rest in, and fastened in place with a girth; also, a seat for the rider on a bicycle or tricycle. Thanks.:)