Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Heading Out Tomorrow..

.. for the NTASHA show in Irving, Texas (close to Dallas-Fort Worth). We will be showing Bella Equus in hand in the Futurity classes .. hope to win some of her stud fee $$ back and I will be showing Oliver sidesaddle in both the Country Pleasure and English Pleasure (any breed) classes. Just shoot a prayer up to heaven that Oliver will flat walk for me as that is a huge requirement in the Country Pleasure classes. Oliver likes to be ridden and gets very excited at shows..maybe too excited.

I turned him out into a larger paddock last night and all of today so he can maybe gets some of his wiggles out. I will give him the complete SPA treatment tonight .. You know the one....where when you are done.. the horse looks like a shinny new penny and you look like a 100 year old crumpled up dollar bill!

I used to have this wonderful show tack trunk. It had everything I needed and everything I could ever want at a show stocked up in it. Well, when I stopped showing while Dad was sick, I started to 'borrow' stuff out of that trunk and now I have this sinking feeling that I am going to forget something major that I might need. Normally as long as I have a credit card or cash, it is not a problem.. but when you show Saddlebreds, you can't just go run to the store to get a piece of forgotten tack.. even at a "regular" tack store! ... in there lies the panic!

I promise to take LOTS of pictures.. if I remember to pick up my camera battery charger .. that is currently at Bluebonnet Farms. SEEEE - I told you I am a MESS!


Justaplainsam said...

Good Luck!

Hayley said...

Oh please remember to pick up the camera! Would love to see photos!

Fantastyk Voyager said...

Good luck! Take lots of photos too.

Firefly said...

Good luck!