Monday, October 17, 2011

God Sent A Guardian Angel!

We are having a large amount of our wood fence replaced with something called Black Line fencing. I am very excited about this because while it looks like black wood fencing, it is much stronger than PVC fencing and has a lifetime guarantee! At first we were just going to have a new paddock built, but after much research, prayer and conversation, Don and I decided to take the plunge and have a LOT of our current fencing replaced with this product as well...

WELL.... When we had the representative come out to measure for the new paddock, we were told it would take 2 weeks to get the supplies (from somewhere up in North America)in before the fencing could be put up. When we increased our order (4 fold) we were NOT told that an entire crate of this fencing, manufactured in Europe, would take 6 weeks to get here by ship...

Meanwhile, thinking on the 2 week time line, we had our back pasture fencing ripped out ... 5 of our horses, who don't all exactly LOVE each other anyway, have been living in a rather smallish paddock in the front of our barn. It seems that we, on a daily basis, have to either repair or replace wood planks as their close quarter quarrels seem to always erupt right by the fence line!

Last week, we awoke to one of our mares being outside of the paddock. Strange we thought.. When we went to investigate where the breech in the fence was, we found all 3 planks out on the side that faces the farm road leading to our drive. Don't let the words 'farm road' fool you. The speed limit on that farm road is 65 miles per hour!

There was no way the mare could have left the paddock through that breech and ended up inside the gated drive. My heart nearly sunk as I walked the parameter and saw her hoof prints along the road and a pile of manure just outside the gate.

"Oh - THANK YOU LORD!!" I cried as I saw and understood what had happened. Someone (human or not is no matter to me!) opened the front gate allowing the mare to get to a secure place, and then relatched it. When we found her she was lazily strolling along the fence line and grazing on the lawn.

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