Monday, October 10, 2011

BSE..Part 2

It was a 4 1/2 hour drive from Bluebonnet Farm in Bellville, TX. to Dallas. The weather was good and the trip was fairly easy. Both Oliver and Bella are good trailer riders and even though she is so young, I can tie Bella in.

When we arrived, everything was already set up. Head trainer Sandy Currier and assistant Dora Huie along with 4 grooms and no less than 10 more horses arrived the prior day.... oh yes - along with Harley and Davidson..2 of the several 4 legged barking barn mascots!

Emergency sustenance was in place!

Bella found her stall very comfortable. At one point I even found her laying down. She lets me sit next to her when she lays down and really enjoys it if I brush her too. Yeah - yeah.. I know. She has me trained well!

Dora and Sandy were working horses.

NTASHA is an unrated Saddlebred, Tennessee Walking and Racking Horse show. Because of this and the time of the year the show is hosted, it is the perfect first show for a horse in training or one who just needs more experience in the show ring.

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