Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Quick - Hide Your Wallet..

..because I am about to show you an assortment of stunning figurines that will leave you drooling!

..are you ready?

Here is one by Coalport called La Promenade a Cheval made in 1989.

This is a Dresden piece (found on E-bay)..

Sadly girls, this one is not for sale. It was a winning entry in a hand made figurine contest...

..and although these bookends are not sidesaddle related.. which one of us would not want to own them? These can be purchased at: Just Bookends dot com for about $130.00


Anita said...

Ladro have a sidesaddle rider too, of a lady wearing a bowler hat. I saw it over 10 yrs ago, didn't buy it at the time, and now it is really rare!

Anonymous said...

The large lady aside is actually mine -- she's a Hutschenreuther. Although this one is quite old, she's actually still made -- with a retail price of almost $6K! (I didn't pay anywhere near that much-- found her at an auction.) :D

Now, I'd love to have that Coalport, too!

Clairinette said...

I LOVE the first one with the buckskin horse and the lady in green attire! So charming...

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue i was going to post that i knew you owned that one but you beat me to it:p
and shes way nicer in person