Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Explaining Myself..

Well - maybe not entirely! ha ha .. but at least, I would like to tell you why I made a right turn into this subject (for this week only) when for the last 3 years, I have dedicated this blog almost entirely to the sole subject of riding aside and all that compliments it.

My husband and I have been seriously talking about building a house further back on the property! In reality, we are just in the "talking about it" stage since so much would have to be done before the actual ground breaking.. like electricity has to be run back there and a new well would have to be dug.. and there is the issue of a driveway in case of torrential rain (although at this time of drought, that seems unimaginable!) Not only all of that, but we would have to hire an architect and a builder. Wow - that is a LOT to think about!

Anyway, once we started talking about it though, I could not help myself. I started to dig out my old 'wish book'.. a notebook where I kept every single inspirational picture and idea I found, either in magazines or on the Internet. Here, I will give you a peek:

This is my very favorite house design. Now, while I do not particularly like the multi medium of so many exterior surfaces,(I want white/grey stone with either grey or black accents) and I do not care for the specific way the interior is laid out.. I absolutely LOVE the exterior plan.

..and in the middle of this dream, one of my cherished readers sent me these wonderful book plates! These are REAL - not photo copies of the originals.

I just LOVE them and can not wait to find the perfect frames, so I can display them!!

..and just for fun.. I found this adorable child's bed listed on Craigs List. No - I did not buy it.. but thought it was too cute not to share with you!!

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