Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Allison Howard's Martin & Martin

I found this story so endearing - I thought I would do it as a post all on it's own! Thank you Allison for sharing your story!

"I ride in a Martin & Martin saddle that looks
like a park saddle, but when stripped down at the saddlers it was
found to be reinforced for jumping..." Allison told me.

"I use it for eventing and foxhunting. Honestly, I know next to nothing about this saddle and have had very little luck discovering anything. It was given to me by
my side-saddle-fairy-godmother, and she had been given the saddle
nearly 40 years earlier by her ssfgm. The only stipulation with my
gift saddle was that when I finished with it, I like her, must pass it
on to the next dedicated but poor young rider. She has since lost
contact with the woman who had given the saddle to her, so I've had no
luck tracking down anything before that. I feel horrible because I
know so little of it's history, I don't even know when it was made. I
can tell you that it has a bulls-eye fitting for the stirrup and a
garage door hinge on the offside flap.

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A-J-Lamb said...

Your horse has such a lovely eye and forward way of going. Is he a thoroughbred? I am new to sidesaddle so I can't critique you, but you are obviously happy, you are following your horses motion, and have a balanced center of gravity.
Thanks for offering a site for all of us dreamers that didn't realize sidesaddle is so possible in these politically correct times and has such a loyal following, when I am done with my nursing school I plan on getting back into horse and riding aside... And I'll throw in some astride riding. Hee hee.