Saturday, July 30, 2011

My Boy Sport..

I went for a quick lesson this morning. My show is tomorrow. While I was there, they worked Sport .. my youngster in training. I was hoping to see him worked under saddle... but the gentleman who rides the very green horses, was away at a show, so here he is in harness.

He is a real consistent mover.. it is pretty easy to get good pictures of him.

..but it makes it hard to choose which ones to keep...

..and which to delete. you just have to look at a bunch of them!

The only thing that concerned me is that he seems to be winging his front legs..

..but that is easily fixed by the farrier.

Oh yes - one more thing. I wore the back supporter during my lesson and loved it!!


Candy'sGirl said...

He's such a pretty boy!

What's the brand on that corset? I want to get something like that!

Sydney said...

On winging: A farrier can make a horse travel more comfortably but should NEVER alter the way a horse moves naturally by trying to correct a gait. In the long run it will make a horse worse by adding to strain on joints and ligaments. A horse that is toed in (even slightly) will wing out. A horse that is toed out will wing in causing interference. The reason for being toed in/out most of the time is uneven joint growth. Normally this is caused by the way a foal splays his legs out as he eats causing the knees to grow unevenly. Trying to make a horse travel more strait that possibly has a slight deviation will put much more stress on the joints.

Looks good though. Are you going to drive him after hes finished?

SmartAlex said...

He is so cute! He sets up so naturally. He's really one to be proud of. BTW, how is your "bad boy" doing with his lease?

Julie said...

Thanks for the info Sydney. Good to know! He will likely not be a driving horse (except for exercise) as he just moves so much nicer under saddle.

My 'bad boy' (ha ha - so true) is doing pretty well with his rider. Currently though recovering from a neck wound. We did figure out that his behavior is a gage for how he is feeling. If he hurts anywhere - watch out!