Tuesday, July 5, 2011

It Was My Plan..

..to tell you all about my first show (of this year for me).. a small all breed schooling show that I had plans to ride in last Sunday. Atlas.. it was not to be. Oliver threw a shoe and the farrier has been trying to catch up after being ill and just could not make it by in time.. boo hoo..

Thankfully, there is another show just like this one in about a month. We shall shoot for that one and then I will have to send off my sidesaddle for restoration.

Instead of showing, I went to my parents house to gather a few more things. Those of you who read my other blog know that my Father passed away in early May. My Mother preceded him 5 years earlier, so now my brothers and I have divided up their things and are bringing them home. Thankfully, nothing will go to auction.

My parents were not horse enthusiasts, so although I now own a lot of art.. none of it is horse related. I do love some of the pieces though. My favorite is a life size bronze bust of Giuseppe Verdi, wearing a top hat and scarf. Truly Victorian!!

So - anyway .. for now, I will continue to salivate over pieces like this!


horsegal301 said...

I've been reading your blog for quite some time now - I love some of the things you find!

I was wondering, since I just came into a side saddle for quite cheap but do not know much about them. What is a catalog saddle? How does it differ from a traditional hunt/english side saddle and western saddles? Is it basically used the same or are there vast differences?

I don't know anyone who has experience with side saddle and can't find anything online either! =(

Julie said...

A catalog saddle is called that only because it was purchased through a general store catalog - like Sears. If memory serves me correct, most are western saddles with a tapastry seat, some could have even been ordered with a rail around the off side. I wish I had one to display the last time I did a reenactment.

The traditional english/hunt saddles were either built to hunt in, therefore being reinforced for jumping (Champion and Wilton or Owens and others) , or used to show saddle type horses (many Martin and Martins)

To start learning sidesaddle, you just need a safe sidesaddle that fits your horse. A catalog saddle can easily work as long as it fits your horse. If you have questions about the fit, go to the sidebar of my blog and search old posts on SADDLES and maybe look at the posts I have tagged as INSTRUCTIONS.

e-mail me if you have more questions
juliesize at yahoo.com

dressapp said...

That's gorgeous. I tried side saddle last year and meant to go back but life got crazy. This year I'm not showing so I've had more free time so I headed back down. I had such a blast. It's been a long time since I was grinning from start to finish of the lesson. After I get decent I'll see if my mare is suitable for side saddle.

Have you ever seen Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time cover? It has a woman riding side saddle. Cute little costume. I just got the book, so I don't know if the character is awesome but the costume is. ;)

I saw this and thought of your blog instantly.

Julie said...

Dressapp.. googled the book and there seems to be several covers .. but I did not see one with a sidesaddle rider on it.

The antique toy is in amazing shape!

Leslie Sealey said...

What a gorgeous sculpture! Thanks for sharing.

sidesaddle rider said...

I have one of those! Just love it.
Julie, I've been trying to e-mail you for a while now, but I'm thinking they aren't going through or are an old address.