Wednesday, July 13, 2011


An advertisement for a Nardi Sidesaddle Riding Habit (circa 1934).. a real Nardi Sidesaddle Riding Habit!


sidesaddlegirl said...

Ah, but the reason they look a bit different, is because the Nardi Advertisement is from April 1921 (I have the original ad for it) and the one of the lady sitting side saddle, is from the early- mid 1930's so about a 10 year gap between both styles.

You can see in the Nardi ad, that habits are still following the long, flowing lines of 1910's habits but the 1930's ones are starting to move away from the long flowing lines of earlier habits to more a slightly boxier cut foreshadowing the styles of the 1940's.

LOL, women's fashions move so fast that even a 10 year gap brings on so much change just like how 70's fashions look nothing like 80's fashions! :)

Julie said...

You rock sidesaddle girl!!! I missed that.