Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Child Size Martin & Martin

I have one Grand Daughter Madison, who just turned 5. She is precious.. adorable and she loves horses. I have set her up on my sidesaddle to ride Oliver and she really enjoys it.. so I was looking for a child size saddle for her.. sidesaddle of course!..and look what I found!

Owned by Lillian Chaudhary, this sidesaddle doesn't have the spring flap like the M&M's do but there is a hook and eye for the off side flap. This saddle has been completely redone. New linen and new billets and new seat and horns. She has a pony sized Fitzwilliams girth for it as well as a 3 fold leather in a 48". It has a child's sized Copes breakaway safety stirrup too. Lillian is asking $1,450 for it and will make a pad for it as well.

If I had more than one Grand Daughter, I would have already purchased this sidesaddle, but in between that and the fact that Madison lives out of state.. I just could not justify it.

This is though without a doubt the nicest child's sidesaddle I have EVER seen and wanted to share it with you all.

If anyone is interested, Lillian's e-mail address is:


sidesaddlegirl said...

What a lovely little saddle! If I had spare cash, I'd buy that just to keep as a decoration as I only have a son who has no interest in riding especially side saddle! LOL!

SmartAlex said...

I'd buy it just to look at too. I love miniature things.

Unknown said...

Hermosa!!me encanta supongo que ya está en manos de nueva propietaria