Monday, June 27, 2011

Within 5 Miles of Us!

I know this is not about sidesaddle riding but:

The huge forest fire burning out of control in Grimes County came within 5 miles of our farm while we were on vacation!

KHOU news reported "GRIMES COUNTY, Texas – More mandatory evacuations were ordered Monday afternoon as a wildfire southwest of Plantersville in Grimes County grew to 5,000 acres.
The evacuation orders now include over 36,000 acres and 1,800 homes and businesses."

We were out of range on Internet service most of the time we were on our vacation. When we did get some information, Don and I joined hands and prayed. I felt a calm and knew that everything would be fine and we continued to enjoy our trip. The next news we received was about sweet rain. It rained for 2 days straight and helped fire fighters get the blaze under control!

Our wonderful family, friends and neighbors had evacuation plans for our animals...all 32 of them! We are so blessed!!!

I started to post some of our vacation pictures on the Equus Villa blog if you would like to see them. It will take me days though to get them all up. I am trying to do it in a diary fashion.. so it will read in the same order that things happened. We had a wonderful wonderful time!!!


SmartAlex said...

That's wonderful that they had a plan. I know Anke was worried about you and didn't know you were gone. Good to know that they had your back.

Fantastyk Voyager said...

It must be scary when it's that close to home! Good that your family made plans for your animals.