Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sidesaddle Themed Gifts..

If you look at the sidebar under the 'Collectibles' tab, you will see many things, both affordable ..(ahem) and NOT.. that would make wonderful gifts for the sidesaddle enthusiast.. but most of those are of an antique category and could be difficult to locate, so I thought I would do a post of items that are currently in production that any one of us would love to own!

There is a great little web site called Horse and Hound that had some wonderful items... not too expensive and not cheesy either! How about this decoupage tray for $95.00

..or this photo album for $29.00! This also comes in a larger version for a bit more $$.

Another fun web site that has sidesaddle items is Cafe Press. They have everything from beautiful to just plain wacky! Here is something that is on my WANT list from them only $15.00:


Anonymous said...

did you see this on riding aside?


Julie said...

No - I had not seen that. How wonderful!!! I just love it when I read about a horse that was not 'good enough' for one dicipline was perfect for another and as we all know... it takes a very special horse to be a sidesaddle mount!!!!