Monday, June 6, 2011

Henry Hutt

Henry Hutt (1875-1950) sold his first picture to LIFE magazine at the age of 16. His illustrations were very influential in setting fashion for the up-to-date female of the time. He studied at the Chicago Art Institute.

His Henry Hutt Picture Book was a popular gift book in 1908.

Now .. a little bit of not so nice news about poor old Henry!

Mrs. Henry Hutt Charges Desertion in Action at Reno.

The New York Times.
August 10, 1912,
Section , Page 1, Column

RENO, Nev., Aug. 9. -- Divorce proceedings were begun this afternoon by Mrs. Edna G. Hutt against Henry Hutt, a New York artist. The complaint only sets forth a charge of desertion, alleged to have occurred in New York in 1910, seven years after they were married. Mrs. Hutt also requests the court of give her the custody of their eight-year-old child, who is with her in Reno.

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