Monday, May 16, 2011

My Boy..

Equus Sport is coming along nicely with his training. They are long lining him in the open arena in these 2 pictures... but the big news is that he has recently been hooked up to the jog cart! To teach him how to do this safely.. they (4 YOUNG men) first put the driving harness on him and then walked and trotted him around the big arena while one of the men pulled the cart behind him.. allowing him to hear the noise the cart made. After he got used to that, they pulled the cart up along side of him.. so he could get the feel of the shafts on his side.. without actually being hooked. Once he got excited and reared and they were able to just drop the shafts and calm him before proceedong with the lesson. Bluebonnet Farm trainers and grooms are the BEST!!!

I am so proud of my boy!! Can't you just see him all dolled up with a sidesaddle rider.......ME!!!!


SmartAlex said...

He looks very sharp.... and just the right color for a proper ladies mount... very conservative, and no pesky white hairs to get on your habit.

Kaede said...

love that hock action.

How's your mare in foal?

Julie said...

Brittany is due on May26th. She is bagged up - but no milk yet.. and she is HUGE!! Last foal she carried way past her due date... so we are just waiting to see what she decides to do this time!