Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Susan Brack

I found Susan's art work one day when I was browsing through Etsy. Have you ever see that web site. It is like E-bay for hand made items. If you like unique.. Etsy is a great place to shop!

Her unique art work made me want to investigate more.. so I sent her an e-mail asking if I could do a piece on her for this blog! Lucky for us, she agreed!

Susan Brack is a self taught artist/designer. She is best known for whimsical folk art, fantasy, and seasonal illustrations.

Over the years her work has been licensed by companies for the home d├ęcor market, needlework patterns, Holiday collections, and a variety of other uses. She has also been featured in many books and magazines.

She has loved horses all her life. They are a common theme of her paintings. She enjoys portraying them in all forms. Unicorns, sea horses, centaurs and flying equine are favorites.

She has a fondness for mermaids because they appear to be riding sidesaddle whenever they hitch a ride. Her art is offered for sale on www.cafepress.com , Etsy and Ebay. To contact her or for more information please go to www.susanbrack.com

She is also camera shy (modest I believe!) and did not have a recent photo of herself.

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