Saturday, April 2, 2011

Great Lesson Today!!

I have been taking lessons again for about 2 months. Since I had not ridden for almost 7 months prior to that..other than a few trail rides, I thought I should get myself back into shape and use the farms lesson horses and ride saddleseat. Today however, was the first day I trailered Oliver over to the farm ..along with my Knoud Sidesaddle.

This was Oliver's first visit to Bluebonnet for safety sake, I tacked him up with my saddleseat saddle and we marched around the ring just to let him see everything and get me comfortable. Then I did a tack change and put the sidesaddle on him. I have had this saddle on Oliver before... but never ridden in it.

LOVED IT!!!! I cannot tell you what a huge difference there is between this Knoud (1910) saddle and the Champion and Wilton (1890) I used and showed in last year. The Knoud easily sits higher on the back, therefore offering a more flat seat, especially with the big Saddlebred trot. I trotted the arena 2 full circles without feeling like I was gasping for my breath, something that ALWAYS happend when I tried to post the trot in my C&W!

Lets just say that on the way home from my lesson, I called the farrier to "COME QUICK"!!! and put some shoes on Ollie... so I can ride him aside every week!!


Michelle said...

Yay! So glad to hear it!

I put a riser pad under my C&W and that helped a LOT. It's still a big tougher of a ride than my other one but it's much more easy now.

Kaede said...

Is this the Bluebonnet farms that stands Shoobop Shoobop? I so want to see their facilities.

Julie said...

Kaede - Yes that is the same Bluebonnet Farm. I have a colt there in training and get to take weekly lessons.. Having a blast!!

Kaede said...

You are so lucky!