Friday, April 8, 2011

Ft. Concho, San Angelo, TX.

Okay - before I get into today's post.. I just wanted to say how THRILLED I am that there is really more then 10 people out there who read my blog!!! I was starting to wonder..

Now - onto the newest event...

I may be participating in something called Frontier Day at Ft. Concho located in San Angelo, TX. the end of this month. A friend Patti, whom I met through my blog last year, sent me an e-mail about it. I am still sorting out the details as I am not sure in what capacity my role would be... if we could do something 'sidesaddle related' on our own for the public.. or if we would only be there as back ground decor..per Se.

I am very interested as this facility has a lot of amenities .. like a climate controlled building where we could (if allowed) give a talk about the history of sidesaddle. Since this weekend is called "Frontier weekend" I assume that public spectatorship would be in good numbers..and it would be a nice chance to open up the sidesaddle world to more people...and it is FREE. Unless I have missed something, all information I have seen shows that they do not charge the general public admission nor would they charge me (and other sidesaddle riders) to board their horses overnight.

This is not without concern though. I do not know what the normal activities are for Frontier Day.. and if that includes constant gun fire, I will likely decline. Poor Oliver is a bit high strung anyway.. taking him away from all his other horse buddies is one thing... getting him to believe that the bullets are not headed his way .. well - that would be quite another!

I do hope we can do it though. I spent a good part of the night coming up with all kinds of interesting ideas on how to present the art of riding aside to anyone who would be interested!

Will keep you updated on this event!


sidesaddlegirl said...

Please do! It would be really interesting if you get to go to it!!

Cheryl said...

And now you have another post to write. The things you spent the night learning! I hope you do it.