Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Which Do You Prefer? for the type of heads on a sidesaddle; the wider ones or the narrow ones? Also include what type of sidesaddle riding you do.. IE - jumping, English flat work only, Western, Saddleseat .. ??

This first saddle is my Champion and Wilton. It was made in the 1890's and has the more narrow heads.

This beauty is more modern, with the wider heads. I would love to try this saddle!!

..and this one (be still my heart!) is my fantasy sidesaddle! The only thing missing is a seat belt!! It says that you need to have 'narrow' thighs to use this model. Hufff... that may count me out!

So tell me what you think!


Sara said...

Neat blog! I added a link to yours from mine, hope that is ok! I would like to try the middle saddle, with wider horns... I haven't rode aside in a "real" side saddle, but I am totally in love with it and dying to try it!

Laura M. said...

My Champion and Wilton has wider heads, I think. It has sheepskin covers though, so maybe it's not so wide underneath. I've only ridden in this and one other C&W which also has wider heads.

Michelle said...

I'm still torn on which saddle I prefer. I've got a C&W nearly identical to yours and I really do like the narrow pommels, however the saddle rides really uphill. My other saddle, an Aulton & Butler, has wider pommels and a flatter seat and I like it too, however I can't possibly jump in it with the width & angle of the pommels.

Robin said...

I prefer wide pommels myself, though my favorite cross country saddle has narrow pommels so I have thick fleece queens on both heads to make them more comfortable. Rosamund Owen says that narrow pommels are easier to fit than wide.
I don't see how you could possibly ride correctly in the last saddle (a sellier phoenix, I believe) with that pommel placement. You'd have to have a very narrow leg and the offside remnant wouldn't allow you to keep your right leg flat.
More important than pommel width is fit and I haven't found any additional difficulty in jumping in my wide pommel saddles.

Dunappy said...

I have an original 1901 western sidesaddle. And I like the western style ones better.

Clairinette said...

My sidesaddle was made by the French saddle maker Mr. Lemaire. It has medium heads, which I like ridding in.
I have tried different sidesaddles because buying my own, and usually I preferred the ones with larger leads.
Jumping was not a problem in any of those as long as the heads' orientation are good and the seat is flat. I found it very difficult to jump in the older Zaldi's model with three leads for example.