Thursday, March 3, 2011

Just Over 2 Years..

That is how long I have been blogging about riding aside. Who knew there was so much information about such a seemingly simple, relatively past-date sport? That is what I thought when I started the blog. I gave it a year TOP, before I would run out of things to discuss and that INCLUDED the comical episodes of me learning how to ride as well!

Now, it has evolved into something so big, I cannot see an end to it.. weather we are discussing art, artists, fashion, history, equipment, the Victorian Era, or just about anything else that shoulders next to the sport of sidesaddle riding! In fact, it seems that the minute I post on something, only days later, I find a bit of information, or yet another wonderful picture that could have been included with that post subject..and once again, I start a collection for the 'next' time that I run a post on that subject! This is what happened with the bridle rosettes. So beautiful and well made. So ornamental..and yes - just so Victorian!

Another constant flow of historical and present information and pictures would be fashion. Something I just never tire of talking about and looking for. Well, here we have yet more historical Fashion Plates. If you have not been following this blog for long and you love historical fashion, go over to the sidebar and hit the Fashion tab which will selectively pull all of the posts done on it and Enjoy!
This fashion plate shows the typical riding dress of 1838.

..this one is of 1850...

..and this one is of 1857.


scaequestrian said...

Julie, you need to check out this website Just make sure you lock up the credit card first! They also have an old west clothing storefront.

A LOT of the blouses, jackets and hats as well as other accessories would look GREAT as side saddle attire! Must. Resist. Urge. Gaaaaah!

Vicki B said...

Can you imagine riding in those hats shown in the 1838 plate? It seems that the wind would be constantly pulling on your bonnet. Love those top hats though!