Thursday, March 10, 2011

For The UK Girls... is a store you might want to check out called Show Time Supplies:

They carry real sheepskin sidesaddle pads,

..unique sidesaddle covers,

.and an assortment of stock ties. This one comes with a matching scrunchy!

a site that Gemma wrote me about just entitled Sidesaddles. I have seen this web store and just completely forgot about it.

Let me just say that the title says it all! They sell almost every thing you would want concerning sidesaddle riding.. except maybe - the horse! Too much to list .. but just a taste:
full habits
canes and whips
new and antique sidesaddle books
safety stirrups
..and the list just goes on and on!


gemma said...

Thanks Julie, I didn't know about showtimesupplies.

The only thing the sidesaddles store hasn't been able to track down for me is a smart anti slip gel pad (like Impakt or Geleze) but shaped for a side saddle. Anyone seen one for sale in the US? thanks!

Julie said...

Have not found one yet Gemma... but I am still waiting to get that 'stick on pad" that I ordered.

saddles online said...

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