Thursday, February 10, 2011

I Give Up..

..on trying to find out anything about this stunning young lady. Basically all I know about her is that she was born in the late 19th century, she was married, rode sidesaddle with a Hunt club called the Louth Harriers, and she is referred to in this photograph as Lady Louth.

Whether or not that is her real title or not is not stated in the small amount of information written at the bottom of this lovely photograph... but despite the lack of information on her... I just could not discard this wonderful picture without sharing it with you.... so maybe I will just have to think up my own story for her!


SmartAlex said...

I spent a few minutes poking about in the archives of the NY Times, and I did find mention of a Lord Loath in the society crowd at the National, and of the Loath Foxhounds in Ireland. Not sure if Lord Loath was connected to the Loath hounds, as they seemed to be named for the County. But I guess this suggests she was a real person, with a real title.

Dana said...

Here's a rather sad look at Lady Louth's home: