Friday, July 2, 2010

The Answer!

Laura - you figured it out... It is a skirt clip that is made and used to hold up the long side of an old fashioned riding skirt!

Here area few more styles!


Unknown said...

How did you find these though? I didn't know they existed until I googled. Always did kind of wonder how women held their skirt up all the time without actually "holding" them... thought it was movie magic. lol

Julie said...

The Sidesaddle Fairy showed it to me!

Jeannie said...

Admitedly, sidesaddle skirts were generally built with buttons and tapes to hold them up. These clips were more for ballgowns, to keep your train up as you travelled, or when the room got crowded. Really, if you used it on your riding skirt, where would you keep it when you rode? Riding clothes didn't generally go for the "bling," but they are awfully pretty!