Thursday, June 3, 2010

Young Victoria

If you have not seen it - make time to do it or buy it and find the best and biggest TV to watch it on. Not only is the story wonderful but the photography and scenery is breath taking!!!

This is an artists rendition of the young Queen Victoria.

Here are some of Emily Blount's costumes from the movie - obviously the one to the far right is her riding suit.


Oregon Equestrian said...

I never made it to the theater, much as I wanted to see this movie. I'll have to rent it now.

Love, love, love the period costumes.

People forget how young and pretty Victoria was when she became queen. They picture her much later in life when she had gained weight and wore widows weeds.

I must admit that it irks me no end when actresses ride astride in period movies. Especially when the director has attempted to hide a western saddle beneath contrived trappings.

Unknown said...

Did slave women ride aside in ancient Rome? I'm sure the heroine ~ an ex-slave woman is riding aside with Spartacus in that film. How would a slave woman learn to ride? Spartacus may have as a Gladiator slave. Any ideas?