Tuesday, May 18, 2010

MEGA Sidesaddle Eye Candy!!!

I joined an internet sidesaddle club a while ago and was overwhelmed by the amazing ladies riding aside. Just look at these beautiful women - beautiful horses and beautiful outfits!!!



phaedra96 said...

Wow! What is going on the the fire jumping?? I am more impressed with the attitude and demeanor of the bitless blaze-faced chestnut. He looks like a nice ride.

fernvalley01 said...

They do look so elegant! As do you when you ride . It seems to just be a classy sport. The fire jumping ...Eeek!

Merri said...

OK, the galloping through the flames knocks my socks off!
- The Equestrian Vagabond

Laura Maynard said...

Great photos and very classy side-saddle habits. I met someone through the Chronicle of the Horse forums who rides aside and is moving to my area. She's offered to let me try her saddle on her horse to see if it's for me. Can't wait!