Wednesday, May 19, 2010

May Contest - Give Away!

Okay - here it is...and this time you have to do something to enter!

What you have to do:
If you ride aside - you have to send me a picture of yourself riding aside and a short snippet of information your first name and how long you have been riding aside and any other tid bits you would like to include.

If you ride ..but not aside - send me a picture of yourself on your horse with the same basic information - how long you have been riding etc.

If you do not ride ... you can still enter. Find any sidesaddle picture (anything sidesaddle related) and send it to me with an explaination of where you found it and what it is!

Please send to : and title the e-mail "May Contest" By submitting a photo and information, you are giving me permission to post it on my blog.

The winner will be picked at random (as all of my other give aways have been done) and will win 2 things:

1.A Sidesaddle Canvas Art Print
IMAGE SIZE IS 12" X 16" - CANVAS SIZE IS 15" X 18"

"canvas art prints" utilizes state of the art digital technologies to "print" the image directly onto the canvas surface. The process is automated and therefore results with reproductions offering the rich appearance of canvas that paper prints cannot provide.

2. A $25.00 credit to an Etsy store called Tiny Art Jewelry. This is a shop that specializes in individually hand made fashion jewelry. She has many pieces along with several sidesaddle themed items. I added photos below of a coupld of her items. She also promised to make up a few more just for this contest. I will post them as soon as she sends me the pictures. You can pick anything you want off her sight up to $25.00 on me.

***She can also take one of your own pictures and make a custom piece from it!!!***


~tinyartjewelry~ said...

Thanks so much for having me participate in your wonderful contest! Best wishes to the winner!
Also just a word to let you know I am more than happy to do custom pieces from your very own sidesaddle pics. Just give me a holler! Again best wishes to all.

ArabsRule said...

This is my Arabian Mare and I the first time I rode in our western sidesaddle (looks pretty bad I know!) but I did w/t/c somewhat successfully that first time! Since then she has decided she utterly HATES western (mostly loping so slow) so we switched to huntseat. I hung on to my circle y sidesaddle until I needed the money badly enough to let it go. (still sad about that!) Someday I will try an english sidesaddle!

Gabrielle W. said...

Though I ride (not side saddle though) and own horses, I don't have any pictures on me on them...but I found this site, the pictures are really neat; along with the video.

panavia999 said...

Believe it or not, I had not yet read this post, but was googling for information on old calvalry tack and came across these pretty pics which I decided to post here.
Two Ladies Sidesaddle:
Lady in a Habit:

I've always liked that lady Bountiful painting because it reminds me of my grey mare. :-)

Ashleigh said...

Those are all beautiful items! Now I have to go get the significant other to take pictures of me and Pirate!

JeniQ said...

Those are very pretty and I love the print too. I've sent my entry.

have a wonderful day

Laura Maynard said...

Hi Julie! This month's goodies are amazing! I've been riding 17 years with only a few months of break when I first started college. In that time I've ridden Hunters, Eventers, Dressage, Foxhunters, Steeplechasers, and even driven Unicorn and Four-in-Hand. My current horse is a 2003 15.3hh solid bay Selle Francais mare who loves to jump and always tries hard to do her best. Your blog has inspired me to find a way to ride aside and I think I have a good lead to try it out! My goal is to eventually show in a Ladies Aside class on both the flat and over fences. Once I get home tonight I'll dig up a couple photos although my profile picture is from our show in November.

Paula said...

Hi I sent 2 pictures and a little overview of how I got started. I have bought from Tinyart once before, her pins are great, and made a lovely present. My friend loved it, and it is one of her favorite pieces to wear.~Paula

Firefly said...

I sent you an email yesterday but did not see myself on the blog, just wondering if you got it or I need to send it again or somewhere else?

jane augenstein said...

Julie, great giveaway! I sent you two emails, messed up the first one, can't follow directions! LOL

Julie said...

Fire fly... what is your real name? I cannot tell who you are because your blog name is not attached to anything else a blog or e-mail address etc.

Firefly said...

You found me I am Joy.

Killi said...

Far too late for this! I haven't ridden since I was 17, 30 years ago. I've sat on Rawnie Spangle, my Gypsy Cob Draught, but it could hardly be called riding as I sat & she wandered around grazing ~ but that was such an achievement for me: you see, 3 months befgore my 21st birthday I was driven in the side car of a motor bike UNDER an on-coming milk tanker. I had to learn to live again as all I could do was breathe & scream. My left side was totally paralysed & I suffered "cerebral bruising" (brain damage). My parents were told that IF I came out of the coma I would never walk nor talk again. 18 months later I sat my uni finals in Librarianship & Music! It did rather kill my life in the Music World as my left arm from the elbow down is still paralysed & my left side is hyper-sensitive & weak ~ not good for a clarinettist, Early Music player, singer & dancer & my sense of balance just isn't.

As a child I dreamed of owning a red, gold & green Vardo & Skewbald horse. I finally got my Vardo, red exterior, red & gold interior & green bow top after my violent abusive ex husband was finally arrested, charged & convicted of attacking me & my then 5-year old daughter & removed from us. Rawnie Spangle came a while later to be reunited with HER Vardo. Daughter & I ran away to Ireland after (by then) ex started stalking her & as my rigs are still stuck in England, she hasn't been driven since.

I was taught to drive by a wonderful man named Bernie, who couldn't see why a hemi-plegic woman shouldn't learn to do so (my mother told me I was stupid & would never be able to drive a horse). I should take possession of a new rig at the end of this month & will have to relearn everything all over again. I'm trying to convince myself that I AM confident & I CAN do this all by myself, but I'm scared if the truth be known ~ I haven't driven for 5 years & only started riding groom to a novice friend in the last few months. She said I gave her the confidence to learn & having me ride groom made her feel that she had nothing to worry about driving her mare. Thankfully Rawnie Spangle is a very gentle, forgiving horse & I love her dearly. Photos of her are on my out of date WP blog ( or something like that ~ I'm on daughter's laptop & my photo programmes are on my PC, hence out of datedness ~ PC playing up), but no photos of me!