Wednesday, May 19, 2010

9. Jeni Questa

My name is Jeni - from I have literally been
riding horses since I could sit up and hold on. My grandma has pictures of
me sitting in front of my mom in the saddle when I was about 2 yrs old.

My grampa gave me a pony when I was 7. Brownie was the meanest, most
stubborn, plow broke pony ever. Grampa said "When you can make this pony
walk, trot and gallop when you want, you can have a horse"

Took me half a summer but... I did it. Grampa true to his word bought me a
Morgan/QH mare to show in 4-h and a 2 year old Arabian mare to train as my

Now I have Rosie and Bonnie. Rosie is a Percheron/Belgian cross, and Bonnie
is a breeding stock paint. As opposite as can be, but I love them both. I
ride them both Dressage and Western. Bonnie has been doing some eventing

Attached is a picture of this past winter after a Dressage lesson on Rosie.

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jane augenstein said...

Rosie is such a beautiful girl, good picture!!!