Wednesday, May 26, 2010

37. Maggie Taylor

I've done a little bit of everything. I grew up riding saddle seat. The awesome bay I'm on in the saddleseat picture is America's Success Symbol. That was after a lesson winter of 1999 or so. He wasn't mine, but was one of the big show horses I got to exercise.

The white Percheron is Fergie, a mare I sometimes drive at work downtown. She's a doll.

The bay I'm on in the western saddle is my husband's flag horse, Bert. That's a picture his dad took just after we got engaged.

The chestnut is my old polo pony, Candy. I lost him in 2005 to colic and still miss him to this day. My dad took that picture in 2004. He was 18 in that picture.

The little Arab is my current horse, Mika. He's 5 now. We're conditioning for our first endurance ride and learning some basic dressage. Later this summer I plan to teach him to jump. At some point, when he figures out his balance at speed I'm going to teach him the barrel and pole patterns. Mostly to prove wrong all the QH people my husband shows with that told me Arabs are insane and stupid. I'm also going to teach him to play polo at some point. One of these days I'm planning to get a sidesaddle for him.

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Fantastyk Voyager said...

What fun! Yes, it looks like you've done a little bit of everything.