Thursday, May 20, 2010

14. Paula

I am Paula, I started riding aside when I was 15 years old. I had an instructor that used to show aside. Our farm was hosting a recognized show with a sidesaddle division. At the time 6 riders were needed for points to count, and there were only 5 ladies who sent in their entries. This stable had quite a few aside riders, but for some reason only 5 sent their entries. My instructor asked if I wanted to ride aside. I said YES! she gave me 3 lessons before the show, I borrowed a saddle, a habit, and went in the ladies class. I got reserve champion behind her. I was hooked! my parents bought me a sidesaddle for Christmas, and from there I continued riding, and learning.
This is Bandito, the horse I learned on.


fernvalley01 said...

Woow you are a natual ! reserve Champ after 3 lessons!

Paula said...

Thanks, Fernvalley...I am sure the horse had so much to do with it! The 2nd horse in the pictures is Mario, my current horse. Bandito was chosen for me from the school horses at Rice Farms, on LI, NY to ride and show. He was new to sidesaddle too, but he took to it very quickly!
Special thanks to Cindy Horan for giving me the spark, and to Mrs. Mary O'Rourke, for fanning the flames. I continued to ride aside in lessons with both trainers for a few years after that show. Jumping aside was probably the highlight of these lessons!!