Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Straw Hats ~ Part 2

Okay - so I am having some fun here...because as you will see, not all of these hats are specifically for riding in....but they just exude Victorian Romance ...so I could not resist! Lets start with a couple that really were worn by a lady taking a leisure ride.

Here is a real photo of some ladies wearing boater hats and while this girls are not attired in riding attire, this is one style of hat that was ridden in.

Love this artists rendition of this rider. This hat is a modified derby and is more fashion than function as it did not even keep the sun out of her face.

I am sure you are thinking just what I am thinking when you look at these next 2 hats....SCARLETT!

Okay - and this hat is just FINE!


Anonymous said...

Love the hats! Yep, truly Scarlett hats. But the bowler and top hats, well, they are just so elegant.

Dawn Marie said...

I am in love with all these hats! I bet I could add one or two to the collection!