Thursday, April 8, 2010

Hobby Sidesaddle Models..

A nice lady named Shannon Granger contacted me a few weeks ago (yeah - I know ...running behind AGAIN!) Anyway, she has a very interesting hobby that is apparently shared by a lot of crafters - Miniatures. Not just plain Jane doll house miniatures though...she specializes in equestrian scenes! She asked if she could reference my blog in her magazine that if anyone was doing a sidesaddle miniature, they could get lots of inspiration and information about 'correctness' for their projects. Well - I was just thrilled. This is the cover of one of the magazines...

..and this is one of the horses Sharon was working on. AMAZING HUH!!!

Information about the magazine can be found at

Shannon's blog contains a smattering of tack projects and random life things.


Julie said...


smazourek said...

Interesting, I'll take a look.

scaequestrian said...

Hey! I am a model horse hobbiest/artist too! I am getting away from performance though, mainly doing halter now. I do dabble in tackmaking, but only a bit and I don't take custom orders for tack, I do for horses though!

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Julie said...

Cool..thanks for the additional web sight. I never realized how intricate the work is.