Monday, February 8, 2010

Stall Decor..

Just a few changes here and there..I added a larger picture above the antique trunk. It looks a lot better than the smaller one.

..and a couple of large and one smaller one.

Still not really liking the Adirondack chairs....maybe if I stained them darker they would not stick out so much.. What do you think?


Akhal-Eventer said...

My suggestion would be wrought-iron garden chairs, a bench, or loungers instead of the adirondacks. They'd go really nicely with the decor. . .or add some cushions to the ones you have to soften them up a bit.

sidesaddlegirl said...

I like the chairs but I think they would look nice stain a dark brown with a gloss. The wrought iron chairs as suggested would look nice too!

phaedra96 said...

I agree with the wrought iron, with cushions made with your drape fabric in the print. Paint the seating a medium gray so it will not fade into the background but compliment the grays. You could also use wicker-a settee and a chair or two chairs but with lower backs, not a peacock style. They can be painted also with a sprayer or spray can to coat bettter. Add cushions or pillows. Casual but more dressed up than the
adirondacks, which can be a bear to hoist oneself out from quickly!!

phaedra96 said...

I cannot tell from the photo if the print is grays or browns. whichever, you want to pull out a med-range shade. Just my opinion.

Julie said...

Great suggestions!!!!!

Can't afford the wrought iron ..but the suggestion to darken the chairs and the cushion idea is wonderful!!!!

Not sure I can crank out cushions by the next show...but it is now stuck in my brain~

Thanks guys!!

Michelle said...

I think the chairs would look nice stained a bit darker. Overall your decor looks really nice!

Michelle said...
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Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Go slip covers! Then noone will know they are New York Beach chairs. hehe!
Everything else looks great!


The Snyder Family said...

Madison says hello. I have to make this quick because she is also telling me to go back. Beautiful stall decorations!
Love the pictures. She so badly wants to come home and ride. She also wants to bring all her friends. Thank you for shareing. OK I need to go back now before Madison gets upset with me.

Julster7 said...

I think your stall setup is beautiful, but do agree the chairs would be better if they were slipped covered or painted.

You are so creative and I think you would do very well in a stall decoration business...maybe you could advertise your services for say Lexington and Louisville... extra money, woohoo!