Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sidesaddle Canes/Whips - Part 2

Details - Details - Details...

So if you have been reading this blog for any length of time, you know that ornate details make my head swoon! Well this post is dedicated to the details of riding canes and whips! Several of these are for sale on

Ever wonder why some riding whips and canes have this hook on the end? is another example..

Now you know why! It allows the rider to open and shut field gates without having to dismount!

I am SOOO doing this to my riding cane for my next show..

..not much purpose in it...but so elegant!!!

The following pictures are of beautiful antique riding canes that I thought you would enjoy.

This one has thread braided over the shaft.

This is real tortoise shell.

Nothing fancier than GOLD!

This one has leather buttons down the shaft.

This is carved ivory.

I think this one looks like a knife handle!


Kaede said...

Some of the hunt whips have a little metal crown on the top of them. It is for pushing the gate, or tree limb, out of the way.

Julie said...

Kaede - thanks! That makes perfect sense! ...but I was sold on it just because it is pretty... shallow - I know! ha ha

Analise said...

So do they have to be actual canes because they're basically replacing your leg? I mean, would something like a dressage whip also work? (I do, at least, remember seeing someone missing legs use dressage whips in pictures from the paralympics)

Julie said...

It totally depends on your horse. My boy was 13 when we started this. He was used to leg aids and he tended to wander off the rail as I was learning how to use the cane in place of my leg. I constantly use my cane in first, second and third position ..or have it off of him. It has become as automatic as my right leg used to be on that side. In fact - the last time I rode him astride...I hit my own right calf with my riding whip as we were turning to the right and I was asking him to bend! I think that is a good sign though!!!

Julie said...

Almost forgot.. a whip is more likely to bend. A cane offers more direct pressure. I have only ever popped my boy on the shoulder once for not listening to me.

Sydney said...

Thats pretty.
The tassles, I want to make horse hair ones for a sidesaddle cane that would be a different piece for me to make.

Julie said...

Oh Sydney....what an amazing idea!!! Ok - my brain is about to explode now..

Oregon Equestrian said...

Absolutely gorgeous. Most look too pretty and/or delicate to use.

I love the "long lost purpose" of traditions. Like the stock tie can be used in the hunt field as a bandage or sling.

I'm learning so much from your blog...and loving the historic costumes and riding accessories.

Mary Lou Coleman said...

Ladies, can you recommend a place to get a riding cane? I've tried Couture Custom Show Canes, and she doesn't get back to me. I'm not looking for some gorgeous (expensive!) antique thing; just a nice, rigid everyday cane for riding my VERY sensitive horse who literally gasps when a whip is used no matter how lightly I touch it to him. Thanks!