Friday, January 29, 2010

My Own Riding Canes and Whips!

I currently own 2 show canes and 1 show whip. All of them have been modified by me - to suit my taste. This is the newest one that has not even been put together yet. It is a leather covered bamboo cane and is darker brown.

This is a sterling silver walking cane topper that I purchased off of E-bay for $30.00

It has a larger opening at the bottom which will allow me to attach it to the cane. There are a lot of 'handles' that can be purchased off of E-bay, like those from antique umbrellas or parasols, but many are impossible to use as a cane topper.

This is my show whip..

Again, I purchased a sterling handle off of E-bay. This one I bought for only about $17.00 but it had to be shipped Internationally, so the end cost was about the same.

The end of this handle was too small to be used for a cane so that is why it ended up being used for my whip instead.

And here is the first cane I bought. It is very light in color.

I bought this gold plated handle (you guessed it!) off of E-bay. This one is a bit dented in one place and has a few scratches too, but still charming I think. It was the least expensive of all, running about $13.00.

It fit perfectly onto my cane. This is the cane I have been using for all my lessons and in my first 2 shows.

You can see it in this show photo.

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Michelle said...

I absolutely love your show whip! That handle is so unique.
(Can I lay claim to it if you ever decided to part with it?? lol)

I found an old hunting whip with the antler handle at an antique store for $35! To my benefit, I don't think they really knew what it was.