Thursday, December 10, 2009

Wrapping Up the 1800's Fashion Plates..

..with the 1899 version of the ladies sidesaddle riding suit!

...Umm - yeah, I WISH my waist was so small!


sunvalleysally said...

Julie, on the topic of small waists - "there's an app for that" but it's old and very low-tech. They actually "applied" riding corsets. These were like the standard victorian corsets with the front, instead of fitting down over the top of the hips, cut higher so the corset would not dig and pinch when the rider was mounted and riding. I'll try to find the historical cites on this - fascinating. Might have been in the Belle Beach reprint. Anyway on the topic of those cages that Victorian ladies used to cinch themselves, you might look at some of the pertinent links on the oldhollywoodglamour blogspot site (yes, spell glamour that way).

Julie said...

Yes - and have you ever seen this web sight:

I love the history of it all!

The 'little waist' dig was at myself concerning ummm - the holiday weight I have gained!