Saturday, December 5, 2009


Setting up the day before.

Here are my stall curtains set up the way I intended them to be used. Behind this is my tack room...where I also hung plastic tarp over the top so the heater would actually heat it!

This is the side where the tack stall/dressing room entrance is...and before anyone says anything..I know the picture on the wall is too small. I am just starting my collection more will be on the way in the future!

Here is Oliver's wreath..

..and here he is in his stall...under his very own heat lamps! Yeah - some trainers kind of poked fun at me for doing this..but I had body shaved Oliver 2 days before we found out about the snow forecast!...and did it ever snow. Too bad that it was not quite cold enough to stick for very long.

I worked so hard on these stall decorations that on my way home Friday night - it actually HURT to hold the cell phone up to my ear!!!


Kate A. said...

Your attention to detail is inspiring! I love that you thought to bring heat lamps, I'm sure Oliver appreciated it!

sunvalleysally said...

Okay, Julie, I have an over-the-top on the detail front for you: a Christmas tree suggestion. Think Martha Stewart goes to the barn. (Well, actually she does - a LOT - she has Friesians and miniature donkeys!)

First, locate a silver-tip fir. You are going to have to order such a wonderful tree online but I guar-an-teeeee you will find these trees to be utterly gorgeous and very unusual. They grow only at elevations above 6000 feet so most come from the Sierras in California.

Then - all decorations should be sidesaddle-themed. You can do this. You CAN! I have faith in you!

Well, maybe not for this year but next, perhaps?