Monday, December 14, 2009

Paintings by Alfred De Dreux

Just try NOT to drool on your computer!

1810-1860 Paris

As a child, Alfred De Dreux met Theodore Gericault, a close friend of his parents. As a young man, he was taken by his uncle to Gericault's studio. Like his master he became a passionate rider and successful painter of the upper equestrian society during the reigns of Louis-Philippe and Napoleon III.

At his first Salon in 1831, De Dreux exhibited his scenes of horseworld and he continued his life long with the same fame. In 1841 he began a famous series of portraits of chevaux like the equestrian portrait of the Duke d'Orleans to the one of Napoleon III.

He also lived in England and he was a lot commissiones, his paintings reflecting English society's passion for horses and dogs and hunting.

He was an engraver too and his works were reproduced in lithographs.

Here is a book we all would love to own!


sunvalleysally said...

All I can say is OH WOW. I thought I knew horse artists but I truly had never known of this one. I can easily see the Gericault influence though. Thank you for posting this study. Now I'm wondering if I can manage to get that book!

Julie said...

From what I have found so far (price wise)....this one makes the sidesaddle book you told me about look like a Walmart special!

Turn-n-burn82 said...

Very beautiful paintings. Also want to say I LOVE your blog. I run barrels and show HUS on occasion. I'm tempted to try side saddle now! lol