Wednesday, December 30, 2009


This is our farm Logo. About 2 years ago, I held a contest for anyone interested in helping me design a logo. I had several nice entries, but one lady was exceptional. With a meager prize of $100.00 this is what she came up with and I was smitten by her work!Obviously, this was prior to my involvement with sidesaddle riding. While I have no intention of changing our farm logo.. I was interested in seeing what was out there. Normally, I have been impressed with the large amount of sidesaddle art, information and interest...but here is an area where there is just not that much. While I did not find quantity..what I did find, I thought was really nice quality of design!

This is Hundred Oak's Logo

This is the American Sidesaddle Logo.

Liberty Sidesaddle

These next two were not associated to any specific farm..


Sydney said...

I have done several commissioned logo's and some for free like our carriage club's logo. They are a ton of fun. I do mostly silhouette's and outlines though because it's most requested and never goes out of style.

sunvalleysally said...

Julie, I think you should have a commissioned artist's version of whatever type done of you and Oliver - maybe your favorite photo or have another group of photos taken and choose? - and make that your logo. Perhaps a cameo taken "Avis" style "comin' at ya on the rail" but just using Ollie's head, neck and some shoulder and enough of you to show you are sidesaddle (you can airbrush on that smile....)

Julie said...

Ha ha - SVS..yep - in my dreams! We both have that champagne taste ("commissioned artist's version...and Avis..")..but hard to come by on the beer budget!

I told a friend recently I feel like Seabiscuit (minus the wins) when they said the horse was too short, the jockey too big and the trainer too old. Well - my horse is too bouncy, my instructor is not certified, my saddle is too is the jockey! snicker snicker....