Thursday, December 31, 2009

I Have So Much Planned for 2010!

I hope you have enjoyed my first year of discovering and learning the true art of Riding Aside. Having people follow my progress...both very seasoned aside riders and spectators has kept me encouraged ..even when I hit delay after delay..and would get so frustrated.

I have so much planned for 2010. Not only a list of things to research and blog about, but I will be covering about 8-10 Saddlebred shows this year for Saddle and Bridle Magazine. Not sure if I will be able to participate in every single one of those shows ...but I sure would like to! I am going to push very hard to attend at least one sidesaddle clinic too...even if I have to travel somewhere to do it. I believe this is something I really need. I want to be exposed to different sidesaddles, and even a few different horses just for the experience! There will be lots of new (even bad ones!) and I promise to have give aways too ..more frequently than once a year!

I hope you will come along with me. I sure have enjoyed your company! My heartfelt wish is that every one of you has a very Happy and Blessed New Year!


Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

Happy New Year, Julie!

sunvalleysally said...

Happy New Year Julie, may your wonderful horse and your faith sustain you in the new decade to come. Thank goodness that we are leaving behind that old bad decade where nearly nothing good happened to the world in general. Anke says hope swings us through - I sure hope she is right. And I hope you are able to attend one or more sidesaddle clinics because there is little more exciting than hooking up with like-minded folks who share a passion for tradition!

Fantastyk Voyager said...

Best wishes for the coming year. I'm enjoying your blog even though I don't ride aside. Maybe, I will, one day.

phaedra96 said...

Happy New Year to you. I look forward to see where your adventures take you this year!! Best wishes and good luck!

Michelle said...

Happy New Year Julie! It's definitely been fun following your progress!

p.s. We have a sidesaddle clinic at the beginning of August in Alberta, I think you should come for a visit!

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