Thursday, December 17, 2009

I Cannot Believe the Amount of Sidesaddle Themed Art..

..there is out there available to us!

I just love the black and white pencil art like this..

..and this.

I'll bet you have never seen this..

and look at this. I can almost feel the wind in my face!

Every tine I see a any sidesaddle piece of art that I it simple..

..or more complex..

..I save it to my computer so I can share it with you..

No wonder my computer is slow..

It is bogged down with pictures like this..

..and this!Some of this art is nothing more than painted tiles or note cards and some are photocopies of great paintings..but none-the-less..I love it all!


scaequestrian said...

OK, who did the Medieval one and where can I get a print!? WANT.

scaequestrian said...

OH, and if you could, provide us some info for these art pieces, there have been several I am interested in and several I have wanted to use for costuming purposes. That would ROCK.

Julie said...

Several of these were found on E-bay. A while back a seller offered tons of antique post card's ...and I just clicked and saved the pics from his auction. There was no artist information included ..sadly.

That is the good and bad of e-bay..lots of variety, but I would imagine that so much of that stuff is bought at estate auctions to be resold for profit...and void of any historical info.

Julie said...

Also - I try and save them as large as I can - so if you want something on my blog..just double click on the picture and then save it to yours. That one is large enough to make a reasonably nice print if you have a good copy machine..

KD said...

I think maybe the one with the lady in the green gown might have been a little risque for it's time. Maybe that's why her head is turned. Cool paintings.

Lighthorseman said...

Have you seen any of Heywood Hardy's art? Quite a few paintings of side saddle riders.